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I ask almost every person I meet is…


Do you listen to podcasts?

The second is, what’s your favorite one? 

Admittedly, podcasts are always on my mind. Whether it’s for motivation in business, entertainment, sports, or learning Torah, the emergence of podcasts (and wireless earbuds) has drastically changed the way I consume content. I would say that podcasts are in competition with YouTube for most of my attention!

There are podcasts on every topic, from sports to true crime and even about Kosher food prep. Although new shows debut almost daily, there isn’t a platform to easily showcase your show to the right audience. Creators haven’t even begun to tap into the power of what the podcast-style of conversational content has to offer just yet. But we need to understand that it’s not fully their fault.

There needs to be a platform and infrastructure available for these Jewish podcasters to showcase their shows.

That’s why the Intentional Jew Podcast Network exists. The IJP Network puts the artists first, helping them create content that they are passionate about and are equally proud of. We are a Startup with the mission to create a curated platform for podcasters to host their shows and be found by eager listeners like you. 

Our goal is to allow for a new form of Jewish media to break through, balancing entertainment and thought provoking content.

Covering a broad scope of topics, ideas, and styles, the common denominator between all our creators is to introduce you to the processes and raw conversations that lay behind the scenes of the fine tuned presentations you are used to.

Whether you hate what we’re doing or love it, I hope to accomplish one thing, to help you live just a bit more intentionally!

– Ahron Wohlgelernter
   Founder and CEO

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